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iitutor is the mathematics online tutoring company for high school students in the globe.
HSC syllabus includes mathematics, physics and chemistry.
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iitutor has structured mathematics online tutoring curriculum for SAT Math Level 1 and 2, with IB Maths SL, HSC and Cambridge coming soon. Our guided programs help you master the knowledge you need to test with confidence.

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All iitutors were hand-picked for their subject matter expertise and years of teaching experience. Our videos are produced in the iitutor studios to guarantee the highest levels of quality and clarity.

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Each lesson has carefully selected practice questions and challenge exercises to be sure you fully understand the concepts. And you can re-watch videos at any time. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward until you’re confident you know your stuff!

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The iitutor platform works on tablets and phones, so you can learn or brush up on your skills from just about anywhere right up until test time for online tutoring.
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We support $1 to UNICEF for each new sign-ups.

Joining iitutor means we help you to achieve your academic goals, but also you help children in need.
Andrew Cheung

Really assisted in the revision process leading up to exams

Whether it’d be getting taught content at school or from a tuition centre, I found that I could not fully remember all that I learnt (even if it was written down!). This annoying yet inevitable fact has plagued my schooling life. I discovered iitutor on youtube and instantly found what I was looking for: online lesson that provided detailed yet relevant material to the NSW HSC. Besides the great attention to detail and exam focus that the fab tutors look out for an array of practice papers and questions really assisted in the revision process leading up to exams. I improved my overall position in mathematics by 50 places now ranked 22. I feel that this service is priceless to the final year of study and recommend everyone to subscribe for great results!

Sydney Boys High School