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iitutor is the mathematics online tutoring company for high school students in the globe.
HSC syllabus includes mathematics, physics and chemistry.
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iitutor has structured mathematics online tutoring curriculum for SAT Math Level 1 and 2, with IB Maths SL, HSC and Cambridge coming soon. Our guided programs help you master the knowledge you need to test with confidence.

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All iitutors were hand-picked for their subject matter expertise and years of teaching experience. Our videos are produced in the iitutor studios to guarantee the highest levels of quality and clarity.

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Each lesson has carefully selected practice questions and challenge exercises to be sure you fully understand the concepts. And you can re-watch videos at any time. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward until you’re confident you know your stuff!

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The iitutor platform works on tablets and phones, so you can learn or brush up on your skills from just about anywhere right up until test time for online tutoring.
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We support $1 to UNICEF for each new sign-ups.

Joining iitutor means we help you to achieve your academic goals, but also you help children in need.
Allison Mooney

iitutor was the best decision I decided to make

Before using this online service I struggled tragically with conceptual understanding and found myself failing at almost every piece of assessment.
The method of teaching I was exposed to at school just didn’t seem to be working for me as I thrive through graphical learning and videos, which is why iitutor was the best decision I decided to make! After only a few weeks of watching online videos that thoroughly explained concepts and techniques I was able to push up my grade to a B and actually pass grade 12! (which i thought would be impossible!). I received an OP of 7 which allowed me to get into my University course, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Which hopefully will hopefully act as a pre-med degree! Thanks!!

Bachelor of Biomedical Science Cleveland District State High School