HSC Chemistry

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Introduction of HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry in Science Stage 6 provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of matter and its interactions. It focuses on investigating the physical and chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes, and the interaction of energy and matter, and attempts to explain and predict events at the atomic and molecular level.

Nature of Study

The study of HSC Chemistry recognises that a study of the nature of materials includes natural and made substances, their structures, changes and environmental importance. The history and philosophy of science as it relates to the development of the understanding, utilisation and manipulation of chemical systems is important in developing current understanding in Chemistry and its applications in the contexts of technology, society and the environment.

Based on Stages 4-5 Science

HSC Chemistry in Stage 6 draws upon and builds onto the knowledge and understanding, skills, and values and attitudes developed in Stages 4–5 Science. It further develops students’ understanding of science as a continually developing body of knowledge, the role of experiment in deciding between competing theories, the provisional nature of scientific explanations, the interdisciplinary nature of science, the complex relationship between evidence and ideas and the impact of science on society.

Working Individually

The study of HSC Chemistry involves the students working individually and with others in practical, field and interactive media experiences related to the theoretical concepts considered in the course. It is expected that students studying Chemistry will apply investigative and problem-solving skills, effectively communicate the theoretical concepts considered in the course and appreciate the contribution that a study of Chemistry makes to our understanding of the world.

HSC Chemistry Stage 6 course

The HSC Chemistry Stage 6 course is designed for those students who have a substantial achievement level based on the Stages 4–5 Science course performance descriptors. The subject matter of the Chemistry course recognises the different needs and interests of students by providing a structure that builds upon the foundations laid in Stage 5 yet recognises that students entering Stage 6 have a wide range of abilities, circumstances and expectations.

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Production of Materials > Energy and Raw Materials

Production of Materials > Materials from Biomass (Free)

Production of Materials > Ethanol

Production of Materials > Electrochemical Methods

Production of Materials > Nuclear Chemistry

Production of Materials > Exam Preparation Papers

Acidic Environment > Indicators

Acidic Environment > Acidic Oxides in the Atmosphere

Acidic Environment > A World of Acids

Acidic Environment > Refining the Definition of Acids and Bases

Acidic Environment > Esterification

Acidic Environment > Exam Preparation Papers

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Monitoring and Managing Reactions

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Maximising Production

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Chemical Analysis

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Atmospheric Chemistry

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Providing Safe Water Supplies

Chemical Monitoring and Management > Exam Preparation Papers

Industrial Chemistry > Replacements for Natural Products

Industrial Chemistry > Equilibrium Processes in Industry

Industrial Chemistry > Sulfuric Acid

Industrial Chemistry > Sodium Hydroxide

Industrial Chemistry > Saponification

Industrial Chemistry > Solvay Process

Industrial Chemistry > Exam Preparation Papers

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Ocean as an Electrolyte

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Ships and Alloys

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Electrolysis

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Protecting Steel from Corrosion

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Corrosion at Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Bacterial Corrosion of Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Restoration and Conservation

Shipwrecks and Salvage > Exam Preparation Papers