IB Maths SL

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IB Maths SL

The IB maths SL (standard level) course focuses on introducing important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical techniques. The intention is to introduce students to these concepts in a comprehensible and coherent way, rather than insisting on the mathematical rigour required for mathematics HL. Students should, wherever possible, apply the mathematical knowledge they have acquired to solve realistic problems set in an appropriate context.

Course Description

This course caters for students who already posses knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and who are equipped with the skills needed to apply simple mathematical techniques correctly. It is expected that the majority of these students will need a sound mathematical background as they prepare for future studies in subjects.

Syllabus Component of IB Maths SL

All topics are compulsory. Students must study all the sub-topics in each of the topics in the syllabus as listed in the IB Maths SL guide. Students are also required to be familiar with the topics listed under prior learning.

  • Topic 1: Algebra
  • Topic 2: Functions and Equations
  • Topic 3: Circular Functions and Trigonometry
  • Topic 4: Vectors
  • Topic 5: Statistics and Probability
  • Topic 6: Calculus

Mathematical Exploration

In the exploration a student should develop his or her own focus with the teacher providing feedback via, for example, discussion, interview and drafting. It should allow the students to develop an area of interest them without a time constraint as in an examination, and allow all to experience a feeling of success.
The exploration is also intended to provide students with opportunities to increase their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes, and develop a wider appreciation of mathematics. These are noted in the aims of the course IB Maths SL guide.

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Algebra > Exponent Laws

Algebra > Exponent Rules

Algebra > Indices Exponents

Algebra > Exponent Equations

Algebra > Expand and Simplify Exponents

Algebra > Exponential Graphs

Algebra > Natural Exponential Functions

Algebra > Basic Logarithms

Algebra > Logarithmic Properties

Algebra > Exponential Growth and Decay

Algebra > Arithmetic Sequences

Algebra > Arithmetic Series

Algebra > Geometric Sequences

Algebra > Geometric Series

Algebra > Binomial Expansion

Functions and Equations > Solving Quadratic Equations

Functions and Equations > Using Discriminant (Free)

Functions and Equations > Quadratic Graphs

Functions and Equations > Quadratic Function

Functions and Equations > Problem Solving Quadratics

Functions and Equations > Functions and Relations

Functions and Equations > Sign Diagrams

Functions and Equations > Exponential Graphs Dialations

Functions and Equations > Exponential Graphs Sketching

Functions and Equations > Logarithmic Graphs Dialations

Functions and Equations > Logarithmic Graphs Sketching

Functions and Equations > Cubic Graphs

Functions and Equations > Quartic Graphs

Functions and Equations > Power Function The Truncus

Functions and Equations > Square Root Function in Power Form

Functions and Equations > Miscellaneous Graphs

Circular Functions and Trigonometry > Trigonometric Properties

Circular Functions and Trigonometry > Applications

Circular Functions and Trigonometry > Non-Right Angled Triangles

Circular Functions and Trigonometry > Trigonometric Graphs

Circular Functions and Trigonometry > Double Angle Formulae

Vectors > Definition of a Vector

Vectors > Vectors in the Plane

Vectors > Vectors in Space

Statistics and Probability > Descriptive Statistics

Statistics and Probability > Spread

Statistics and Probability > Statistical Plots

Statistics and Probability > Statistical Charts

Statistics and Probability > Standard Deviation

Statistics and Probability > Probability Basics

Statistics and Probability > Calculating Probability

Statistics and Probability > Probability Diagrams

Statistics and Probability > Probability Laws

Statistics and Probability > Discrete Probability Distributions

Statistics and Probability > Expected Values

Statistics and Probability > Expected Values by Probability

Statistics and Probability > Binomial Probability

Calculus > Differential Calculus

Calculus > Differentiation Basics

Calculus > Differentiation Rules

Calculus > Drivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Calculus > Properties of Curves

Calculus > Stationary Points

Calculus > Applications of Differential Calculus

Calculus > Motions

Calculus > Integration

Calculus > Applications of Integration

Calculus > Integration Rules

Calculus > Integration by Substitution