Preliminary Maths General

20 Lessons

Preliminary Maths General Course

This resource closely follows the syllabus and is divided into strands, topics and focus studies. Each focus study is contained in a single chapter to provide easy access, and is designed to be integrated across the strands. Teachers can decide on the integration depending on the ability and knowledge of the students.


The Preliminary Maths General course, is designed to promote the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in areas of mathematics that have direct application to the broad range of human activity, including a range of post-school pathways requiring a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques.
Students will learn to use a range of techniques and tools, including relevant technologies, in order to develop solutions to a wide variety of problems relating to their present and future needs and aspirations.

Students will develop the ability

  • apply reasoning, and the use of appropriate language, in the evaluation and construction
    of arguments and the interpretation and use of models based on mathematical and statistical concepts
  • use concepts and apply techniques to the solution of problems in algebra and modelling, measurement, financial mathematics, data and statistics, and probability
  • use mathematical skills and techniques, aided by appropriate technology, to organise information and interpret practical situations
  • interpret and communicate mathematics in a variety of written and verbal forms, including diagrams and statistical graphs.


The Preliminary Maths General pathway provides a context within which to develop general competencies considered essential for the acquisition of effective, higher-order thinking skills necessary for further education, work and everyday life.

Employability skills

Employability skills are embedded in the Preliminary Maths General and HSC Mathematics General 2 courses to enhance student learning. The employability skills are developed through the methodologies of the syllabus and through classroom pedagogy and reflect core processes of mathematical inquiry undertaken by students.
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Earning and Managing Money

Basic Linear Algebra

Linear Equations

Length and Mass

Capacity and Time

Measurement Errors

Calculations with Ratios

Linear Functions

Graphs of Linear Functions

Interest for Investing Money

Financial Calculations

Displaying and Interpreting Single Data Sets





Relative Frequency


Summary Statistics

Right-angled Triangles