QCE Year 11 Maths B

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Statement on QCE Year 11 Maths B

QCE Year 11 Maths B is:

  • a unique and powerful way of viewing the world to investigate patterns, order, generality and uncertainty
  • a way of thinking in which problems are explored through observation, reflection, and logical, inductive or deductive reasoning
  • a powerful, concise and unambiguous symbolic system with written, spoken and visual components
  • a creative activity with its own intrinsic value, involving invention, intuition and exploration.

Mathematics B involves the study of mathematical functions and their applications, differential and integral calculus and applied statistical analysis.
These are used to develop:

  • knowledge and skills in advanced computation and algebraic methods and procedures
  • mathematical modelling and problem-solving strategies and skills
  • the capacity to justify mathematical arguments and make decisions
  • the capacity to communicate about mathematics in a variety of forms

Background of QCE Year 11 Maths B

Mathematics B aims to provide the opportunity for students to participate more fully in lifelong learning. This subject provides a foundation for further studies in disciplines within which mathematics and statistics have important roles. It is also advantageous for further studies in the health and social sciences. In summary, Mathematics B is designed for students whose future pathways may involve mathematics and statistics, and their application, in a range of disciplines at the tertiary level.
referred from
Mathematics B Senior Syllabus 2008 (amended 2014)
Queensland Studies Authority 2014

qce year 11 maths b

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Solving Linear Equations (Free)

Linear Lines

Relations and Functions

Graphs and Modelling

Triangle Trigonometry

Graphing Periodic Functions

Trigonoometric Equations

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Geometric Progressions

Growth and Decay

Presentation of Data

Summary Statistics

Introductory Probability

Rates of Change