QCE Year 12 Maths A

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Statement on QCE Year 12 Maths A

The Senior Syllabus in QCE Year 12 Maths A is a recommended precursor to further study and training in the technical trades such as toolmaking, sheet-metal working, fitting and turning, carpentry and plumbing, auto mechanics, tourism and hospitality, and administrative and managerial employment in a wide range of industries. It is also suitable as a precursor to tertiary studies in subjects with moderate demand in mathematics.

Global Aims of QCE Year 12 Maths A

The Global aims are statements of the long-term achievements, attitudes and values that are developed by students through studying Mathematics A but which are not directly assessed by the school.
By the end of this course, students should develop:

  • an appreciation of the value of mathematics to the lifelong learner
  • sound number sense and an ability to view and interpret the world from a quantitative perspective
  • the ability to recognise when situations in their everyday life can be dealt with through mathematical analysis and procedures, and be able to attempt such analysis or procedures with confidence and success
  • an awareness of the elements of chance which exist in some aspects of life and an ability to make decisions informed by this awareness
  • an ability to manage their financial affairs to empower them to make informed consumer decisions
  • an ability to visualise and represent spatial relationships in two and three dimensions
  • an ability to comprehend mathematical information which is presented in a variety of forms to become informed and critical citizens.

Course Organisation of QCE Year 12 Maths A

The syllabus contains core and elective topics. The core topics to be studied are arranged into strands and are listed below. Although the first topic listed in each strand contains material which is required in later topics, the order in which the topics are presented does not imply a teaching sequence.

Core topics

The core topics within each strand are:

Financial mathematics strand

• Managing money 1
• Managing money 2

Applied geometry strand

• Elements of applied geometry
• Linking two and three dimensions

Statistics and probability strand

• Data collection and presentation
• Exploring and understanding data

Elective topics

The elective topics are (two to be selected):
• Maps and compasses: Either Navigation or Land measurement
• Operations research: Either Linear programming or Networks and queuing
• Introduction to models for data
• School elective

referred from
Mathematics A Senior Syllabus 2008 (amended 2014)
Queensland Studies Authority 2014

qce year 12 maths a

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