QCE Year 12 Maths C

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Background of QCE Year 12 Maths C

The Senior Syllabus in QCE Year 12 Maths C is a recommended companion subject to Mathematics B. It provides additional preparation for tertiary studies in subjects with high demand in mathematics, especially in the areas of science, medicine, mining and engineering, information technology, mathematics, finance, and business and economics.

Global Aims of QCE Year 12 Maths C

The global aims are statements of the long-term achievements, attitudes and values that are developed by students through studying Mathematics C but which are not directly assessed by the school.
By the end of this course, students should develop:

  • broad mathematical knowledge and skills
  • the ability to recognise when problems are suitable for mathematical analysis and solution, and be able to attempt such analysis and solve problems with confidence
  • an awareness of the uncertain nature of their world and be able to use mathematics to help make informed decisions in life-related situations
  • an understanding of the diverse applications of mathematics
  • an ability to comprehend mathematical information which is presented in a variety of forms
  • an ability to communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms
  • an ability to use mathematical procedures to justify conclusions
  • an ability to benefit from the availability of a wide range of technologies
  • an ability to choose and use mathematical instruments appropriately
  • positive attitudes to the learning and practice of mathematics.

Course Organisation of QCE Year 12 Maths C

The syllabus contains both core and option topics. A course of study in Mathematics C must contain all core topics and a minimum of two complete option topics. Although some topics contain material which is required in other topics, the order in which they are presented does not imply a teaching sequence.

Core topics

  • Introduction to groups
  • Real and complex number systems
  • Matrices and applications
  • Vectors and applications
  • Calculus
  • Structures and patterns

Option topics

  • Linear programming
  • Conics
  • Dynamics
  • Introduction to number theory
  • Introductory modelling with probability
  • Advanced periodic and exponential functions
  • School option(s).

referred from
Mathematics C Senior Syllabus 2008 (amended 2014)
Queensland Studies Authority 2014

qce year 12 maths c

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Complex Numbers

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Integral Calculus - Properties

Integral Calculus - Trigonometric Functions

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Mathematical Induction

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