VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4

30 Lessons

Accreditation of VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4

VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4 has been designed and published for complying Victorian Certificate of Education 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018 and implementation of this course commences in January 2018.

VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4 are produced to be widely applicable and comprise a combination of non-calculus based content from a prescribed core and a selection of two from four possible modules across a range of application contexts. They provide general preparation for employment or further study, in particular where data analysis, recursion and number patterns are important. The assumed knowledge and skills for the VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4 prescribed core are covered in specified topics from VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2. Students who have done only Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2 will also have had access to assumed knowledge and skills to undertake Further Mathematics but may also need to undertake some supplementary study of statistics content.
vce further mathematics units 3 and 4

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Univariate Data - Data Representation

Univariate Data - Data Distribution

Univariate Data - z-scores

Bivariate Data

Arithmetic Sequences (Free)

Arithmetic Series

Geometric Sequences

Geometric Series

Angle Geometry





Surface Area


Pythagoras' Theorem


Trigonometric Rules

Trigonometric Results

Straight Line Graphs

Simultaneous Equations

Linear Inequations

Financial Mathematics

Matrix Operations

Matrix Multiplication

Inverse Matrices

Solving Linear Equations using Matrices

Matrix Algebra

Transpose of a Matrix

Transition Matrices