VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

23 Lessons

Accreditation of VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2 has been designed and published for complying Victorian Certificate of Education 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018 and implementation of this course commences in January 2018.

VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2 offer for a range of courses of study relating non-calculus based topics for a broad range of students and may be implemented in various ways to reflect student interests in, and applications of, mathematics. These students incorporate topics that provide preparation for various combinations of studies at Units 3 and 4 and cover assumed knowledge and skills for those units.

Area of Study 1

Algebra and structure
In this area of study students cover representation and manipulation of linear relations and equations, including simultaneous linear equations, and their applications in a range of contexts.

Area of Study 2

Arithmetic and number
In this area of study students cover mental, by-hand and technology assisted computation with rational numbers, practical arithmetic and financial arithmetic, including estimation, order of magnitude and accuracy.

Area of Study 3

Discrete mathematics
In this area of study students cover matrices, graphs and networks, and number patterns and recursion, and their use to model practical situations and solve a range of related problems.

Area of Study 4

Geometry, measurement and trigonometry
In this area of study students cover shape, measurement and trigonometry and their application to formulating and solving two- and three-dimensional problems involving length, angle, area and surface area, volume and capacity, and similarity and the application of linear scale factors to measurement.

Area of Study 5

Graphs of linear and non-linear relations
In this area study students cover continuous models involving linear and non-linear relations and their graphs, linear inequalities and programming, and variation.

Area of Study 6

In this area of study students cover representing, analysing and comparing data distributions and investigating relationships between two numerical variables, including an introduction to correlation.
vce general mathematics units 1 and 2

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Linear Relations

Linear Equations (Free)

Simultaneous Linear Equations



Expressing Numbers

Financial Arithmetic


Number Patterns

Arithmetic Sequence

Geometric Sequences


Basic Shapes



Surface Area




Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric Rules

Data Distributions

Data Representations