VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4

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Accreditation of VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4

VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4 has been designed and published for complying Victorian Certificate of Education 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018 and implementation of this course commences in January 2018.

These units are designed, prescribed and extend the study of fundamental functions to include combinations of these functions, algebra, calculus, probability and statistics, and their applications in a variety of practical and theoretical situations. The contents of these units also provide background for further study in, for example, science, humanities, economics and medicine.

vce mathematical methods units 3 and 4

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Binomial Theorem


Linear Graphs

Domain and Range

Quadratic Graphs

Discriminant of Quadratics (Free)

Cubic Graphs

Quartic Graphs

Solving Systems of Equations

Transformation of Graphs

Index Laws

Logarithm Laws

Exponential Equations

Exponential Graphs

Logarithmic Graphs

Inverse Functions

Circular Functions


Differentiation of Functions

Applications of Differentiation

Rates of Change



Discrete Random Variables

Binomial Distribution

Continuous Distributions

Normal Distribution