WACE Maths Applications Unit 4 Year 12 ATAR Course

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Unit description of WACE Maths Applications Unit 4 Year 12 ATAR Course

WACE Maths Applications Unit 4 Year 12 ATAR Course has three topics:

  • Time series analysis,
  • Loans, investments and annuities, and
  • Networks and decision mathematics.

‘Time series analysis’ continues students’ study of statistics by introducing them to the concepts and techniques of time series analysis. The content is to be taught within the framework of the statistical investigation process.

‘Loans investments and annuities’ aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge of financial mathematics to solve practical problems associated with taking out or refinancing a mortgage and making investments.

‘Networks and decision mathematics’ uses networks to model and aid decision making in practical situations. Classroom access to the technology necessary to support the graphical, computational and statistical aspects of this unit is assumed.

Learning outcomes of WACE Maths Applications Unit 4 Year 12 ATAR Course

By the end of this unit, students:

  • understand the concepts and techniques in time series analysis, loans, investments and annuities, and networks and decision mathematics
  • apply reasoning skills and solve practical problems in time series analysis, loans, investments, annuities, networks and decision mathematics
  • implement the statistical investigation process in contexts requiring the analysis of time series data
  • communicate their arguments and strategies, when solving mathematical and statistical problems, using appropriate mathematical or statistical language
  • interpret mathematical and statistical information
  • evaluate the reasonableness of their solutions to problems and their answers to questions
  • choose and use technology appropriately and efficiently.

referred from
Mathematics Applications ATAR Course
Year 12 Syllabus
Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority
1 January 2015

wace maths applications unit 4 year 12 atar course

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