WACE Maths Methods Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course

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Unit description of WACE Maths Methods Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course

The study of calculus of WACE Maths Methods Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course continues with the derivatives of exponential and trigonometric functions and their applications, together with some differentiation techniques and applications to optimisation problems and graph sketching.

It concludes with integration, both as a process that reverses differentiation and as a way of calculating areas.

The fundamental theorem of calculus as a link between differentiation and integration is emphasised.

In statistics, discrete random variables are introduced, together with their uses in modelling random processes involving chance and variation.

This supports the development of a framework for statistical inference.

Access to technology to support the computational aspects of these topics is assumed.

Learning outcomes of WACE Maths Methods Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course

By the end of this unit, students:

  • understand the concepts and techniques in calculus, probability and statistics
  • solve problems in calculus, probability and statistics
  • apply reasoning skills in calculus, probability and statistics
  • interpret and evaluate mathematical and statistical information and ascertain the reasonableness of solutions to problems.
  • communicate their arguments and strategies when solving problems.
  • referred from
    Mathematics Methods ATAR Course
    Year 12 Syllabus
    Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority
    1 January 2015

    wace maths methods unit 3 year 12 atar course

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Course Materials


Applications of Differentiation

Integration (Free)

Applications of Integration

Differentiation of Trigonometric Function

Integration of Trigonometric Function

Application of Trigonometric Functions

Exponential Functions

Exponential Graphs

Exponential and Growth and Decay

Discrete Random Variables

Expected Value

Binomial Distribution