WACE Maths Specialist Unit 1 Year 11 ATAR Course

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Unit Description of WACE Maths Specialist Unit 1 Year 11 ATAR Course

WACE Maths Specialist Unit 1 of Year 11 ATAR course contains three topics:

  • Combinatorics,
  • Vectors in the plane, and
  • Geometry

that complement the content of the Mathematical Methods ATAR course. The proficiency strand, Reasoning, of the Year 7–10 curriculum is continued explicitly in Geometry through a discussion of developing mathematical arguments. While these ideas are illustrated through deductive Euclidean geometry in this topic, they recur throughout all topics in the Mathematics Specialist ATAR course.

Geometry also provides the opportunity to summarise and extend students’ studies in Euclidean Geometry. An understanding of this topic is of great benefit in the study of later topics in the course, including vectors and complex numbers.

Vectors in the plane provides new perspectives for working with two-dimensional space and serves as an introduction to techniques that will be extended to three-dimensional space in Unit 3.

Combinatorics provides techniques that are useful in many areas of mathematics, including probability and algebra. All topics develop students’ ability to construct mathematical arguments.

The three topics considerably broaden students’ mathematical experience and therefore begin an awakening to the breadth and utility of the course. They also enable students to increase their mathematical flexibility and versatility. Access to technology to support the computational aspects of these topics is assumed.

Learning outcomes of WACE Maths Specialist Unit 1 Year 11 ATAR Course

By the end of this unit, students:

  • understand the concepts and techniques in combinatorics, geometry and vectors
  • apply reasoning skills and solve problems in combinatorics, geometry and vectors
  • communicate their arguments and strategies when solving problems
  • construct proofs in a variety of contexts, including algebraic and geometric
  • interpret mathematical information and ascertain the reasonableness of their solutions to problems.

referred from
Mathematics Specialist ATAR Course
Year 11 Syllabus
Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority
1 January 2015

wace maths specialist unit 1 year 11 atar course

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