Follow these Preliminary Chemistry study tips and success will be guaranteed

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips - Chemical Earth

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips – Chemical Earth

For finding Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips, preliminary chemistry marks for year eleven may not count towards your HSC chemistry exam results but it will definitely influence how you perform and also your future life. It pays to give it the deserved attention so as to build a strong foundation and increase the chances of passing your HSC chemistry exam with flying colours. Here we will give you tips that will help you study preliminary chemistry, build a strong foundation for your HSC chemistry and allow you to pursue a course of your choice at the university.

Have the right attitude

You may have heard some of your friends or those who are ahead of you say that chemistry is a tough subject. It may be tough but it’s manageable, never fall for stories which people tell about the subjects, there are many who have studied it and passed well, so the issue of failure is only in people’s minds. With the right attitude, you’ll make it. this is the first Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips.

Familiarise yourself with the course content

For you to cover the syllabus content there is a need to understand what’s in it. Get the syllabus and write down all the content which is supposed to be covered. This will give you a clear picture on how much needs to be read, the depth of each topic and possible targets for examiners. Ideally the preliminary chemistry syllabus will include modules such as: Chemical earth where you are supposed to cover living and non-living components, metals, water and energy.

Chemical names, equations and symbols

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips - energy

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips – Energy

Like them or hate them as Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips, these are components that will determine whether you get good grades in your preliminary chemistry tests and exams and also to a large extent influence your HSC exam preparations. It will pay off if you take them seriously and by all means grasp them. To succeed in this, write down all the chemical names, their symbols and try to memorise them. Make them part of your daily to visit tasks, with time, you’ll have memorized and understood all the chemical names, equations and symbols among other concepts which are covered at this level. There are some which might be difficult and you might find that it’s taking longer to understand, if you associate them with popular things or get acronyms which are easier to remember you’ll have solved the biggest part of the problem. One thing that sticks out clearly when it comes to chemical names, equations and symbols are mentioned is that there is no shortcut, you’re either in or out. You must memorise them and there are no two ways about it. You either have it or not. When it comes to sciences such as chemistry, missing a chemical name or symbol by one letter or character makes the whole thing wrong , so you’ll need to pay a lot of attention , this make things easier than you can imagine.

Make brief summaries

Textbooks and other reading materials can be resourceful as far as studying preliminary chemistry is concerned, but if you want to grasp the concepts and pass your tests well, making brief notes is compulsory. Starting with the first module of the subject, summarize the key concepts and ideas, make brief statements about equations .These are the notes which you’ll be reading for revision purposes and also when you trying to remember the content. Do this for each and every topic and you’ll be good to go. Trying to read through the whole text book when preparing for an examination will not only confuse you but will take most of your time, denying you a chance to cover all the examinable areas.

Practice makes perfect

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips - metals

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips – Metals

Preliminary chemistry is not a subject that you study once and then wait for the test; it’s an area that you have to keep on revisiting if you want to get good grades. There are problems such as working out the formula of a compound, stating with the number of moles, and composition of chemicals among others, these are areas which require constant practice for them to stick in your mind. You’ll need to do a lot of tests to be comfortable in this area. Get some tests from the recommended books, have a look at the past papers and other examination materials. For effective Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips, Devote enough time to work on these problem, ask your teacher for assistance. Discuss with your friends until such a time as you feel that you are comfortable, and it does not have to stop at that; keep on practicing, that’s the only way you can attain perfection.

Revising build up topics from previous grades

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips - water

Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips – Water

Just like other science subjects, chemistry content builds up from previous grades. There are some topics which you covered in lower grades and that, with time you have forgotten. It might be challenging getting build up concepts until these areas sink in. Your teacher may not emphasise these areas under the assumption that you are already familiar with them. This may disadvantage you, risking the chances of grasping future contents. It’s important that you revisit these areas even before you cover a given topic in class. This will ensure that you’re on the same level with the rest of the class. It’ll also be easier to grasp the concept. This makes the subject lively, something that increases your chances of passing your exams and getting into the final grade with a strong background.

Make a glossary of all the key concepts

As of the last point of Preliminary Chemistry Study Tips, in addition to making summarized notes, it will pay off to build a list of all the key concepts in the subject. Also, get to know what each term represents by relating it with familiar things in life.
Chemistry is a lively subject, it may present some challenges but when you approach it with the right attitude, your chances of succeeding are very high. Prepare well and the subject will turn out to be a favorite; you’ll also build a very strong foundation, making your final year smooth and enjoyable.

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