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Extensive Contents

Whether you are looking for extensive contents of various Mathematics topics or just a few things to fill in the gaps, or something in between, it’s all here. From junior to senior level, there is something on our library for every stage and teaching style!

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Comprehensive and Essential Topics

Regular Updates

You might even find things you weren’t expecting to be for FREE! It’s pretty simple; all you need to do is sign up for our regular freebie explosion with regular updates such as study tips, syllabus updates and success stories from iitutor graduates.

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Hand-Picked Questions

About 700 Pages

With our extensive mathematics worksheets up to about 700 pages, you can be much better prepared for your exams and be assured that whatever happens, you will be able to handle it well. The development may be gradual but you will notice it as you go through the solutions to past years’ questions. 

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Fully Worked Solutions

Efficient Worksheets

You invariably increase your ability to answer questions efficiently. You will be able to identify your weakness and areas that need to be worked up. When there is proper clarity in your mind, it will be easier to bring your ideas down on paper. Most examiners like precise, to-the-point answers and only prepared students will able to meet up with the task.

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68 Topics Scheduled Transfer


Our FREEBIES package include but not limited to

Worksheets: 12 Topics, 1394 Questions, 676 Pages in total

  • Conics, 55 Questions 47 pages
  • Complex Numbers, 94 Questions 64 Pages
  • Counting Techniques, 119 Questions 54 Pages
  • Series and Applications, 33 Questions 34 Pages
  • Probability, 78 Questions 47 Pages
  • Polynomials, 71 Questions 41 Pages
  • Trigonometry, 84 Questions 41 Pages
  • Sequence and Series, 69 Questions 29 Pages
  • Basic Arithmetic and Algebra, 304 Questions 96 Pages
  • Further Graphs, 138 Questions 91 Pages
  • Quadratic Equations, 176 Questions 70 Pages
  • Consumer Arithmetic, 163 Questions 62 Pages

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