Hack your way to success in HSC Chemistry

Success in HSC Chemistry

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HSC Chemistry Syllabus

We all want a good marks in chemistry, not just to make you feel good but also to improve your chances of landing a good job. Knowing how to maximise your HSC Chemistry mark is crucial, forget about those saying that the subject is hard, many have made it and so will you, all that you have to do is stay focused, prepare well and the rest will fall into line. In us, you have a trusted partner, a guide and mentor and we’ll show you how to study chemistry and help you succeed in the subject.

These few tips will make your journey through chemistry much easier.

Pre examination preparations

1. Knowing the syllabus

HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry / Chemical Equations

It all starts with knowing what you are supposed to cover. Start by going through all the content that you’re supposed to cover, get a rough picture of it, familiarise yourself with the major terms. To appreciate the importance of the subject, this ought to be done early, don’t wait until it’s too late. Start as early as possible and by the time you’ll sit for your exams, it will have all sunk in and the process will be smooth and enjoyable.

2. Make brief syllabus notes

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HSC Chemistry / Exam preparation Papers

Textbooks can be messy, especially when you’re supposed to cover all the content in preparation for a test or an exam. Making brief syllabus notes allows you to focus on the main points. Having notes which are tailored to your syllabus allows you to focus on what is relevant in your level, instead of going through everything which will take a toll on your time. Preparation for HSC chemistry exam requires focus and you don’t want to lose it through reading everything in the text book. Get the content from a variety of sources then organise it into headings and subheadings. Having short notes in place will help in getting around the content, and will be very useful as the exams approach.

3. Write down the key phrases and terms

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HSC Chemistry / Theory Video Lesson

For you to master a subject, you must be familiar with the key phrases and terms. This is what differentiates you with somebody who has not done chemistry. You need to write down all the main terms and phrases as well as the equations, memorise them and ensure they are at your fingertips. With this content at your fingertips, you’ll be in a position to attempt any question. It will also enhance your coverage of the syllabus as you’ll be in a position to understand chemistry better.

Past exams

HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry / Chemical Monitoring and Management

You’ll all agree with me that examiners like repeating questions, scanning through past exams you’ll find most of the questions are repeated, the only thing that changes are perhaps the figures, names and a few words. So this year will be no exception, questions that have been examined before will be repeated, so it’ll make a lot of sense to look at previous exams. Looking at previous exam papers not only helps you know the kinds of questions to expect but also the styles. It’ll also help in understanding which areas to focus on. While some areas may have been examined every year, don’t forget to read through, those that are less covered, the examiner may want to surprise those who depend too much on predictions. Don’t fall for that trap, read through the whole syllabus and you’ll be comfortable sitting for any paper or question that’s thrown your way.

Exam techniques

You’ll only know whether your efforts have yielded fruit when you sit for the exams. Your results will largely determine whether this has worked, but there’s no doubt that proper preparations account for the greatest part in succeeding in HSC chemistry. The following exam techniques will not only give you confidence but help a great deal in passing the HSC Chemistry exam.

Read the instructions carefully

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HSC Chemistry / Practicum

Most people ignore the instructions section arguing that they have seen it too often. Don’t make this assumption, this time there might be something new, instead of “attempt all questions” message, you may be surprised to find “don’t attempt question three.” If that happens and you, by bad luck spend half of your time answering question three, you are highly likely to fail as you’ll have no time to answer the other questions. Although the above described situation may rarely happen, never take anything for granted, you never know, there’s always a first time.

Read and understand the question

You’ll need to read and reread every question, never try to answer a question after only reading it once, chances are that you’ll give the wrong answer and you’ll discover this when it’s too late. Read the question at least twice, the first time will help in understanding it and the second will help you grasp and think through what’s required. You’ll be in a position to determine which key phrases and terms are required, the equations, symbols and significant figures which will be used. Rushing through will lead to missing of crucial information, ultimately failing a question where you could have easily scored a full mark.

Correct terminology

Show that you have a good understanding through use of correct terminology; use the right words to describe elements, or forces among other concepts. Impress the examiner through using the appropriate terms and concepts in explaining phenomenon.

Neatness and tidiness

You may have all the concepts and content but when your work is untidy, it will be very difficult to read and understand. Ensure that your work is properly written, if you don’t have a good handwriting, you’ll need to start practising right away. The diagrams need to be clear, well labelled and explained, these are the areas where you can score extra marks however, if your work is untidy, you could be denied marks that you deserve. Untidy work is not only a turn off to an examiner but also speaks volumes about a candidate; it shows a lack of seriousness in your studies and exams. Don’t let untidy work deny you a chance at a better future, aim to improve your presentation skills.

With the above tips studying, HSC chemistry exams will be easy and success will be nearer than you imagine.