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We Help Your Student Master the HSC Exams

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams are rigorous and stressful. Our team of educators and tutor has created an effective program that can help students master the material and feel confident taking the tests.

Success on the HSC exams is essential for preparing students to study at the university level, attend vocational school, or to find gainful employment.

We offer a comprehensive range of online tutoring services geared to helping 11th and 12th year students excel in their HSC exams for mathematics, physics, and chemistry.


Hope Williams - Academic Instructor

How iitutor Works

We have over 17 years of experience delivering high quality tutoring to high school students. We carefully follow the HSC exam curriculum and prepare students for their exams by not only improving their knowledge of the different subject areas, but also by demonstrating solid test-taking tips and strategies.

We recognize that not everyone learns the same way. That is why we use several different tools to help students gain exposure to the material in several different ways.

We offer:​

  • Detailed video resources
  • Practice Questions
  • Live Quizzes

Detailed Video Resources

Our team of experienced tutors has created a series of videos that show you the different concepts. You will feel like you are getting one-on-one tutoring as you watch this videos. Each topic is discussed in detail and several examples are shown.

Unlike some classroom lectures, these videos are designed to be engaging and effective. Best of all, you can watch the videos are on your timetable. You can rewind and rewatch anything you are having a hard time with.

Practice Questions

Our educators have created a carefully designed set of practice questions that accompany each video. You will be able to see if you have fully understood the concepts or if you need some additional work.

The questions are designed to track the type and style of questions found on the HSC exams. With each practice question you are not only showing your mastery of the topic, but you are also becoming more comfortable with the HSC test format.

Live Quizzes

Our mission is to make sure your student is comfortable with the material and confident in his or her abilities to master the HSC exams. If you need help at any time, our support team is standing by to take care of any issues.

Our most successful students put in the time to not only watch the videos, but they also take the practice questions and quizzes. These live quizzes help the students consolidated in their HSC exams.

Your Success is Our Success

We only succeed when you succeed in getting the scores you want on your HSC exams. We work hard to make sure you have all the tools you need to be at your best come exam time. That means everything from creating a study schedule to helping students with a variety of different learning styles.

Here at iitutor we are committed to making sure the HSC exams are your first stepping stone towards a successful life and career.

For more information about our program, please feel free to contact us.

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