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iitutor is the most sought after online tutoring company for high school students arond the world. Established in 2000 with the aim of helping local IB Maths students, iitutor has expanded and made its courses available to international students.


Hope Williams - Academic Instructor

Our Mission

The mission of iitutor is to help students achieve success in their IB Maths Studies. Our academic gurus focus on students' learning abilities and help them develop critical and creative thinking required to grasp basic to complex mathematical concepts.

Our Aim

At iitutor, our ultimate aim is for you to achieve success in your mathematical studies.  We understand that maths and the critical and creative thinking required for it is not easy for everyone to grasp.

In addition, no two students are the same, and many can feel frustrated or overwhelmed by traditional methods of teaching, or even the (often distracting) classroom environment.

This is why we have designed unique courses that enable students from different countries and communities the world over to learn at their own pace, thereby helping them achieve greater results and success in their studies.

Unique Online IB Maths Courses

At iitutor, students can achieve better results on IB Maths exams with our effective and interactive online study programs. IB Maths Courses are designed for local and international students alike. This online courses include quality video lessons, interactive quizzes and comprehensive practice questions to consolidate students' understanding. Our mathematical gurus help students stay on top of their game with effective teaching methods.

A Universal Syllabus - Opening Doors for Students Across the Globe

One of the greatest advantages of studying IB Mathematics is its global syllabus.

Students studying mathematics for college or university in the United States have different requirements compared to students studying in the US, UK, or Australia, or anywhere else in the world.

Which is why studying IB Maths gives students an incredible advantage, enabling them to prove their skills match those of an international standard - thereby paving the way for greater opportunities and flexibility in their future studies.

We have ensured that iitutor's online IB Mathematics courses match the exact requirements of the global IB maths syllabus.

Unlike other online videos or courses which don't explain the context for their materials, or their relevance to the IB Maths syllabus, you can rest assured knowing that your iitutor IB Maths course is completely in line with the international IB Maths syllabus.

Online IB Maths Courses offer:

  • A Unique Approach to Learning IB Maths Courses
  • Professional IB Maths Tutors who are Highly Qualified and Experienced
  • Comprehensive Video Lessons on Detailed Topics
  • Extensive Practice Questions with Fully Worked Solutions
  • Mini Quizzes to help you test yourself, sharpen your IB Maths Skills and Prepare Real IB Maths Exams
  • Detailed Course Guides with Exact Topics and Lessons Fully Catered to Your IB Maths Needs
  • Effective Teaching Methods to Maximise Students' Uptake and Acquisition of new Formulas and Skills
  • Step-by-Step Explanatory Videos that you can pause, rewind, and watch again as many times as you need to ensure you fully grasp each new skills

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3 Day Free and Full Access

iitutor charges only US$16 per month providing every member a full 3 Day Free Access to each course available on iitutor. Each course on iitutor has been exclusively created to help students get a firm grip on complex IB Maths concepts while teaching them:

  • How to compose IB Maths Theories
  • How to apply IB Maths Concepts and Fundamentals
  • How to think analytically, creatively and in-Depth of IB Maths Courses

Try before you commit: Discover why so many IB Maths students are choosing to study with iitutor.

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