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Unique and Exclusive Online Tutoring

iitutor is a unique and exclusive online tutoring center for high school students who are preparing for examinations using international curriculum such as SAT, IB and localized curriculum such as HSC. We understand the pains of students who are finding it hard to conquer mathematics. With this in mind, we created a premier tutor center to help you ace mathematics in no time.

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Since 2000

Our successful story began since 2000 with the ultimate aim of helping local students in Sydney, Australia. Through these years, we have garnered quantifiable experience and a robust number of happy students. We pondered inwards and decided to move our center online in order to help high school students all over the world. To this end, iitutor.com was born

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Academic Gurus

We understand no two students are the same and that’s why we blend our approach to suit each student’s needs. We will tackle your currents lags and provide you necessary information to keep you at the top of your game. Whether you need help with a complex topic or want to polish your existing math knowledge, we have academic gurus who can help you achieve your goals. You’re in the right place.

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We pride ourselves on a team of professional mathematics tutors who have various degrees from highly recognized schools. They are different from tutors you’ll find on other tutoring sites. They have been thoroughly assessed and certified to record video sessions for our students. We don’t just stop there. We review each tutoring session for quality and criteria assessment.

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With a host of productive tools and effective communication, iitutor provides quality video lessons, comprehensive practice questions and quizzes. We provide mathematics contents using country-specific curriculum. Sharpen your knowledge and stay ahead of others with our tutorials and resources. Equip yourself now!

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Our process is foolproof

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  • We’ve helped thousands of local students for their own local mathematics needs.
  • We adopt pedagogical methods to enhance your engagement, speed and performance.
  • ​Our approach is tailored to each student’s needs
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Your success is our success.

 iitutor would love to see you at your best.

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