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iitutor testimonial Jane Chang

Time Saver!

Before signing up, I was struggling to manage time as I was going to tutoring centres that were admittedly good but were very far. This in turn caused me to not do that much school homework since I still have tutoring homework to do. With iitutor, I can click a topic that I like, and Continue Reading

Jane Chang Year 12 All Saints Senior College August 9, 2016

Andrew Cheung

Really assisted in the revision process leading up to exams

Whether it’d be getting taught content at school or from a tuition centre, I found that I could not fully remember all that I learnt (even if it was written down!). This annoying yet inevitable fact has plagued my schooling life. I discovered iitutor on youtube and instantly found what I was looking for: online Continue Reading

Andrew Cheung Sydney Boys High School March 8, 2016


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    This is a site that has extensive content on maths, physics and chemistry and has very engaging and informative videos. Would highly recommend to anyone in middle-high school.

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