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HSC Maths
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Janet Robins

Excellent Maths Extension 2 Resources

Thank you so much for your service. Mr Koh has taught me so much and help me to be confident to teach the Ext 2 Maths content. I am a maths teacher at a small rural independent school. Although I studied pure and applied mathematics at uni, it had been over 25 years since I Continue Reading

Janet Robins Maths Teacher Dubbo March 7, 2016

Mladenka Stojanovic

Excellent tutorials have helped me to complete my work at home

Before I signed up I was struggling with my extension mathematics work in year 11. The excellent tutorials have helped me to complete my work at home when I am in need of assistance and don’t understand certain concepts. It is a great service and has reduced my stress especially now that I am in Continue Reading

Mladenka Stojanovic Year 12 Student Liverpool Girls' High School March 8, 2016


  1. James Hine

    This is a site that has extensive content on maths, physics and chemistry and has very engaging and informative videos. Would highly recommend to anyone in middle-high school.

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