IB Maths SL Syllabus

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Course Contents

  • Algebra
  • Functions and Equations
  • Circular Functions and Trigonometry
  • Vectors
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Calculus
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Expected Outcomes

  • Excel Your School Exam Results​
  • Gain the Highest Level of Achievement
  • Obtain An In-Depth Understanding
  • Reduce Silly/Repeated Mistakes
  • Achieve Your Academic Goals
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Sample Lesson

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  • Find out how iitutor can help you!
  • Quality Video Lessons
  • Hand-Picked Practice Questions
  • Exam Level Quizzes
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Help Children in Need

  • ​We tally up the number of new sign-ups each month.
  • We make a monthly donation to UNICEF.
  • We pay $1 to UNICEF on behalf of you when you sign up to iitutor.
  • We participate Team UNICEF program to help children in need.

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