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IB Maths Tutoring includes;
IB Mathematics HL
IB Mathematics SL
IB Mathematical Studies SL
The aims of these IB Maths Tutoring are to enable students to;
develop mathematical knowledge, concepts and principles,
develop logical, critical and creative thinking,
employ and refine powers of abstraction and generalization.


Getting to the Aha Moment

It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well iitutor is tailored to the IB Maths SL syllabus. Carefully designed and produced videos are quite helpful for me to understand the concepts better than my school class. Thanks for a great learning resource.

Sean Phillips Bradfield College UK December 9, 2016


  1. Angela Packer

    iitutor helped me a lot in improving IB Mathematics SL using their quality video lessons and practice questions with fully worked solutions. Great ib maths resources in conjunction with the school class works.
    – Dartford Grammar School, UK

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