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iitutor testimonial James Snowden

Achieved more than Expected!

iitutor helped me quite a lot! I was not confident with understanding the content in Mathematics, but the benefits of instant and unlimited access to the site allowed me to practice repeatedly the basic and complex questions. Eventually I was successfully finished my HSC because of iitutor’s help!

James Snowden Newington College Bachelor of Commerce/Macquarie University March 28, 2016

Jennifer Wang

So glad I came across this site

iitutor helped me so much! I was struggling a lot with understanding the content in Maths Extension 2, but after using the online resources it became a breeze! Not only that, but I also discovered really great video tutorials for Chemistry and Physics. So glad I came across this site! I’ve received an ATAR score Continue Reading

Jennifer Wang Studying Medicine at Monash University Hurlstone Agricultural High School March 8, 2016


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    Fantastic Tutoring Resources with a reasonable price! This package allows our kids at home to study IB maths tutoring and HSC tutoring together in only $36 per month!

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