WACE Maths Applications Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

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Course Contents

  • Univariate Data Analysis and the Statistical Investigation Process
  • Applications of Trigonometry
  • Linear Equations and their Graphs
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WACE Maths Applications Unit 2

WACE Maths Applications Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course covers;
Univariate data analysis and the statistical investigation process’ develop students’ ability to organise and summarise univariate data in the context of conducting a statistical investigation.
Applications of trigonometry’ extends students knowledge of trigonometry to solve practical problems involving non-right-angled triangles in both two and three dimensions, including problems involving the use of angles of elevation and depression and bearings in navigation.
Linear equations and their graphs uses linear equations and straight-line graphs, as well as linear-piece-wise and step graphs, to model and analyse practical situations.


The proficiency strands of the Year 7–10 curriculum – Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning – continue to be relevant and are inherent in all aspects of this course. Each of these proficiencies is essential and are mutually reinforcing. Fluency, for example, might include learning to perform routine calculations efficiently and accurately, or being able to recognise quickly from a problem description the appropriate mathematical process or model to apply. Understanding that a single mathematical process can be used in seemingly different situations helps students to see the connections between different areas of study and encourages the transfer of learning. This is an important part of learning the art of mathematical problem-solving. In performing such analyses, reasoning is required at each decision-making step and in drawing appropriate conclusions. Presenting the analysis in a logical and clear manner to explain the reasoning used is also an integral part of the learning process.

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