WACE Maths Applications Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course

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Course Contents

  • Bivariate Data Analysis
  • Growth and Decay in Sequences
  • Graphs and Networks
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WACE Maths Applications Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course

WACE Maths Applications Unit 3 Year 12 ATAR Course covers,
‘Bivariate data analysis’ introduces students to some methods for identifying, analysing and describing associations between pairs of variables, including using the least-squares method as a tool for modelling and analysing linear associations. The content is to be taught within the framework of the statistical investigation process.
‘Growth and decay in sequences’ employs recursion to generate sequences that can be used to model and investigate patterns of growth and decay in discrete situations. These sequences find application in a wide range of practical situations, including modelling the growth of a compound interest investment, the growth of a bacterial population, or the decrease in the value of a car over time. Sequences are also essential to understanding the patterns of growth and decay in loans and investments that are studied in detail in Unit 4.
‘Graphs and networks’ introduces students to the language of graphs and the way in which graphs, represented as a collection of points and interconnecting lines, can be used to analyse everyday situations, such as a rail or social network.

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