WACE Maths Methods Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

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Course Contents

  • Exponential Functions
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series
  • Introduction to Differential Calculus
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WACE Maths Methods Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

WACE Maths Methods Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course covers,
In Unit 2, exponential functions are introduced and their properties and graphs examined. Arithmetic and geometric sequences and their applications are introduced and their recursive definitions applied. Rates and average rates of change are introduced and this is followed by the key concept of the derivative as an ‘instantaneous rate of change’. These concepts are reinforced numerically (by calculating difference quotients), geometrically (as slopes of chords and tangents), and algebraically. This first calculus topic concludes with derivatives of polynomial functions, using simple applications of the derivative to sketch curves, calculate slopes and equations of tangents, determine instantaneous velocities, and solve optimisation problems.

Rationale of WACE Maths Methods Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

For all content areas of the Mathematics Methods course, the proficiency strands of the Year 7–10 curriculum continue to be applicable and should be inherent in students’ learning of this course. These strands are Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning, and they are both essential and mutually reinforcing. For all content areas, practice allows students to achieve fluency in skills, such as calculating derivatives and integrals, or solving quadratic equations, and frees up working memory for more complex aspects of problem solving. The ability to transfer skills to solve problems based on a wide range of applications is a vital part of this course. Because both calculus and statistics are widely applicable as models of the world around us, there is ample opportunity for problem-solving throughout the course.
The Mathematics Methods ATAR course is structured over four units. The topics in Unit 1 build on students’ mathematical experience. The topics ‘Functions and graphs’, ‘Trigonometric functions’ and ‘Counting and probability’ all follow on from topics in the Year 7–10 curriculum from the strands Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. In this course, there is a progression of content and applications in all areas. For example, in Unit 2 differential calculus is introduced, and then further developed in Unit 3, where integral calculus is introduced. Discrete probability distributions are introduced in Unit 3, and then continuous probability distributions and an introduction to statistical inference conclude Unit 4.

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