WACE Maths Specialist Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

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Course Contents

  • Trigonometry
  • Matrices
  • Real and Complex Numbers
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WACE Maths Specialist Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

WACE Maths Specialist Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course covers,
In Unit 2, Matrices provide new perspectives for working with two-dimensional space and Real and complex numbers provides a continuation of the study of numbers. The topic Trigonometry contains techniques that are used in other topics in both this unit and Units 3 and 4. All topics develop students’ ability to construct mathematical arguments. The technique of proof by the principle of mathematical induction is introduced in this unit.

Rationales of WACE Maths Specialist Unit 2 Year 11 ATAR Course

The Mathematics Specialist ATAR course is structured over four units. The topics in Unit 1 broaden students’ mathematical experience and provide different scenarios for incorporating mathematical arguments and problem solving. The unit blends algebraic and geometric thinking. In this subject, there is a progression of content, applications, level of sophistication and abstraction. For example, in Unit 1, vectors for two-dimensional space are introduced and in Unit 3, vectors are studied for three-dimensional space. The Unit 3 vector topic leads to the establishment of the equations of lines and planes, and this in turn prepares students for an introduction to solving simultaneous equations in three variables. The study of calculus, which is developed in the Mathematical Methods ATAR course, is applied in vectors in Unit 3 and applications of calculus and statistics in Unit 4.

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