How to succeed at HSC Physics Exam

The HSC physics Exam is a requirement for year 12 students in New South Wales.

HSC Physics Exam - Faraday Experimental Apparatus

HSC Physics Exam – Faraday Experimental Apparatus

This university entrance exam otherwise called a higher school certificate is the international equivalent to an IB or SAT. We know many students internationally and locally will require this type of qualification in order to enter into a science or physics-based program at University. Having a professional tutor or study guide could be one of the best ways that you could proceed with not only passing this exam but receiving Band 6 status of between 91 to 100%. Students in band six are regularly recognised and students that achieve this qualification may have a better shot at getting into a more prestigious or competitive program.

If you need assistance in creating your own study plan or building up exercises that can be used for study practice with your HSC physics exam you should strongly consider working with the staff at iitutor. We can deliver intelligent study plans online that can help you through any mathematics problem as well as review for the HSC physics exams.

Here are some top tips on how you can build up and exam preparation solution for the HSC physics exam. By using some of these tips you can work at finding greater levels of success and of greater chance of achieving band six:

Prepare yourself accordingly

The HSC syllabus is expensive and if you have just finished your 11 it’s important remember that your 12 does come with its fair share of challenges. Over just a few months you will be responsible for completing training that will familiarize yourself with physics as well as a massive number of syllabus values that could all be covered over the course of the HSC exam. The material can be extremely intimidating to get through at first so preparing yourself accordingly for the challenge and really building up a plan to get through all of the content is absolutely necessary.

Consider extra materials

HSC Physics Exam - Cell Efficiency

HSC Physics Exam – Cell Efficiency

If you have adapted fairly good study habits and you are well organized in learning the syllabus throughout the year, you should be able to complete the exam with nothing more than the syllabus and the internet. If you don’t know how to study HSC physics it’s possible you may need extra materials. Extra materials such as study aids, flashcards and even working alongside a tutor can really help you to dissect the information, build a study schedule and reflect on topics which are difficult for you to grasp so that you can feel extremely confident in every aspect of the HSC physics exam. Many students find it difficult to feel confident going into their exam but with the proper study guide and with the tutor helping you through all of the complex subjects it is possible to develop a better understanding and an ability to recover these subjects from your mind no matter what is on the exam.

Start discovering the patterns

The syllabus for preparing HSC Physics Exam is designed to help teach you concepts in physics while that allowing you to quickly move onto brand-new related subjects. Being able to notice the pattern in the syllabus and having the ability to master one concept of for the next will really help you. If you are stuck in a spot in the syllabus it can be difficult to recognize the patterns you will need to learn various subjects later on. With so many linked concepts in the syllabus sometimes having a guide to help you through it will help you forge the connections you need for greater understanding later on. Deconstructing the syllabus can be made simple if you are able to draw knowledge from multiple places.

Focus on your time

One of the biggest problems that many people writing the HSC have is with time management. At iitutor we recommend studying in 15 min. bursts with at least a 10 min. break. 25 min. of work in a five-minute break will also work quite well. Including just a few of these study sessions over time with the syllabus can help you feel much more prepared and much more able to retain knowledge than trying to cram it all in over a few days. As you are continuing to learn make sure that you are writing notes and leaving a stoppage point for you to continue your work each day.

Record everything by hand

HSC Physics Exam - The Wilson Cloud Chamber

HSC Physics Exam – The Wilson Cloud Chamber

Because you’re going to be writing the exam by hand it’s extremely important that you spend time writing out your own notes, drawing your own diagrams and getting Moorcock trouble with answering physics problems on paper. A good binder can be one of the best study instruments you can have when learning how to study HSC physics. It’s important to avoid digital methods for studying for an exam that has always been designed for paper! Web conferencing is fine for receiving help or studying with a friend but completing all of your notes digitally can really make it tempting to cheat or extensively use search engines during study, rather than figuring out the concept yourself.

Share what you have learned

A popular study tactic that we work with in tutoring often comes from sharing while you have learned. In learning how to study HSC physics it can be extremely useful for students to share their knowledge with each module they complete. This can be very useful if you are explaining concepts to a family member, a person that could be potentially struggling with their own study or even back to your tutor. Teaching another person could be one of the most rewarding ways. That way you can demonstrate your knowledge. Having the ability to paraphrase a complex concept can really help with studying and regurgitating information for the exam.

Check back in with modules even after they’re finished

As you make your way through the syllabus is extremely important that you move back to a module even after you have finished it. Be sure that you are doing one module at a time as you move forward but taking the time to go back and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus will help you to make sure you are familiar with all concepts.

If you need assistance in studying the syllabus for the HSC physics exam you should strongly consider the idea of working with the tutors at iitutor. By building a study plan and having someone available to assist with your understanding of various physics topics, you can enjoy greater success in the exam and perhaps a greater eligibility for different programs at university!