How to Succeed in IB Maths

Your One-Stop, Five-Step Guide for SL and HL Maths Victory

There’s no feeling like the pride of completing a course and doing a great job. When it comes to IB Maths, we know all too well the challenges faced. That’s why our team does what it does – more on that later.

IB Maths Success Guide

IB Maths Students

In this guide, we’ve worked hard to pinpoint 5 areas that can help you succeed in IB Maths. Whether you’re working on IB Maths SL (Standard Level), IB Maths HL (Higher Level), or IB Mathematical Studies SL, we hope that this guide will give you a sense of the scope and expectations of your course, as well as how to best meet those challenges face to face.

What do we know about IB Maths? Well, that’s actually a really great question!

itutor launched in 2000 with the vision of working with local students in Sydney, Australia. After seeing the positive impact that our tutoring had on students’ success, our company decided to transition into online tutoring. Now, thanks to the internet and our awesome team of dedicated tutors, we help students around the world conquer their studies.

What on earth does this have to do with IB Maths? Another great question!

We’ve helped many, many students get higher grades on their IB Maths courses. Through these experiences, we’ve been able to determine the areas students most struggle in. The following tips come directly from our experiences of working with IB Maths students just like you!

Here we go – in no particular order, here are five ways to succeed in IB Maths:

1. Know what to expect

One of your keys to success will be to study what you’re studying…before you ever study it. To break that down a bit, you should take a close look at your syllabus to find out what’s ahead. By being prepared, you can be confident about what’s coming next. You can even read general information about each topic so that you don’t feel so shocked when you see the material for the first time.

For example, IB Maths SL consists of numbers, algebra, functions, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, preliminary calculus, and financial math. By doing a bit of research about each of these ahead of time, you can be even more prepared for IB Maths success.

2. Implement study skills

Knowing the right study techniques of IB Maths is critical, and this mostly hinges upon basic study skills applications. First, you need to identify your learning method. For instance, if you learn by listening, then you should ask permission to audio record lectures. If you learn by doing, try writing notecards or notes when you study. There are several methods by which we learn, and you can take a free test online to determine your type. Then, use it to your advantage!

Time management is also important. We know you’d rather be doing other things, but you should plan to clear a portion of your schedule for studying outside class.

3. Understand the assessments

A big part of knowing what to expect is knowing what’s expected of you. For each IB Maths course, there are a standard set of assessments that will determine your final mark. For instance, when it comes to IB Maths SL, there’s an internal assessment that determines 20% of your final grade. This consists of a project that will take up approximately 20 hours of classroom time. The other 80% of your final grade is determined by the results of two exams.

For IB Maths HL, the same internal assessment model applies. For the external assessment, however, you’ll complete three papers that will account for 30%, 30%, and 20% of your final grade.

Knowing what these assessments entail is critical. When you know what you’re expected to know, you can succeed!

4. Work toward having a thorough understanding

When it comes to IB Maths, make it your goal to master the information you learn. This does not mean memorize everything. This means truly learn about it, in-depth, and apply it along the life of the course. When you master the subject at hand, you’ll find that your final assessments will be that much easier. Plus, you’ll have gained skills that will benefit you in your life and career.

5. Consider hiring a tutor

Many people shy away from hiring a tutor, but we find that tutors help students succeed by equipping them with the tools they need. A tutor isn’t going to tell you the answers. Instead, a tutor is going to work to identify your strengths and weaknesses and bolster the areas you need help with, all while leveraging your strengths. A tutor will work to deepen your understanding of IB Maths, only to amplify your lifelong math capacities.

If you are currently working toward an IB Diploma, then there is a good chance that you’re working toward passing a Mathematical Studies course. Whether you’re working on IB Math SL or the elective IB Math HL, getting a solid foothold on the course you’re taking and the material within is imperative. Your educational career and so much beyond it depends upon it. The team at itutor completely understands the stress that’s placed upon you. We know that you want to score high on IB Maths this semester. Even if math isn’t your strong suit, we know that you can conquer this course. When you implement these five tips for IB Maths success, you can gain a better understanding of the course and score better on your assessments. Cheers!

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